Labeling a product can help brand and promote a merchandise.  It is an effective marketing strategy.  You can use labeling for almost any product.  From edible to non-edible products like cosmetics, foods, beverages, and candies to name a few.  Packaging materials that need labeling are cans, boxes, bottles, and cosmetics.

We offer a wide range of labels that fit almost any product.  To name few; foods, beverages, warning labels, and nutrition labels are most common forms of labels that we service and make.  We can   also customize labels to your specifications and needs for roll-form, cut-to-size, sticker paper, BOPP, or water proof vinyl.

You can create your own design or create it on our website using our free design tool.  We offer free proofs for your designs so that you can make any amendments before printing.

Please give us a call for consultation.  We have experienced representatives to help you.

  • Custom Labels
  • Address Labels/ Return Address Labels
  • Water Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Shipping &Mailing Labels
  • Food Labels
  • Wine Labels
  • Health and Beauty
  • Packaging Labels
  • Vinyl Labels
  • And many more products offered

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